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  1. Everything you need to know about Kenya's virtual number

    Virtual number Kenya

    With the Kenya virtual number service offered on our site under the name Kenya DID number, you have the option of renting a Kenya landline number to make and receive calls as if you were physically in Kenya. Your customers and friends residing in Kenya, will be able to call you on a Kenyan landline number and pay the usual rate for calls to Kenya landlines. Your customers and friends residing in other countries, can also call your Kenya number and will pay their country's regular rate for calling Kenya landlines.

    You, the user of this number, will simply pay a monthly subscription to receive the unlimited calls, at no additional cost. To make calls, you can choose one of our unlimited calling plans, minute packs or per minute rates for your calls with Kenya Virtual Number.

    Get a virtual number from Kenya.

    To get your Kenya Virtual Number, simply visit the DID Number category on our website, add the...

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  2. The business address in France for foreign companies

    Business address in France

    It is possible that you are a company or an entrepreneur resident in another country and that you need to have a Business addresses in France, for the creation of your company in France and to receive correspondence from the administration, or simply to have a commercial presence in France, to facilitate your collaboration with customers or suppliers.

    With Hivoox, you can choose the city and the Business addresses of your preference, and subscribe to the Commercial address service in France to take full advantage of the address and use it in your various commercial documents, business cards, websites, etc.
    Thanks to a powerful network of our offices, business centers and fiduciaries throughout France, Hivoox can offer you an excellent administrative or commercial address service with the forwarding or scanning of mail received for your company in France.

    By domiciling your company in France via Hivoox, you will benefit from administrative and prestigious addresses...

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  3. Configure the GS Wave Lite application on your Android or iOS mobile or tablet

    GS Wave Lite app

    GS Wave Lite, is a softphone (virtual phone) for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets, offered by the voip equipment manufacturer “Grandstream”. With this application, you can use the services of Hivoox Telecom to make and receive calls from your mobile phone or tablet without any restrictions.

    This excellent free softphone, works perfectly with all Hivoox telephony services, with excellent quality. Among the free voip applications available on the Market, GS Wave Lite is one of the most interesting in my opinion.

    The GS Wave Lite supports up to 6 SIP accounts and supports essential phone call control features.

    Some key features:

    Make and receive phone calls with excellent audio quality.
    Support 6 SIP accounts.
    6-way audio conference.
    Supports codecs G.711µ / a, G.722 (HD audio), G.726-32, G.729, GSM, iLBC, Opus and Speex.
    Native integration with mobiles and tablets.

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  4. Translate sales invoices for your customers

    Since the launch of our anonymous Voip platform for the sale of voip services, dedicated to voip operators, who do not wish to invest in expensive infrastructures and technical teams, thousands of you subscribe to the service and trust us, thank you.

    We offer this small article to help you translate the template of the invoices that you send to your customers from the system. When you are a Hivoox reseller, and you use our anonymous voip platform to manage your customers, you may be faced with the need to do invoices in your customers' language. By default, our templates are in English, but from your "Administrator Interface", you can translate the texts of the invoice template in order to have them in the language of your choice.


    To translate the invoice template available in your system, you need to follow the steps below:

    1- Enter in your PBS admin account.
    2- In...

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  5. Best Voip number from France

    You can use our French numbers service to receive calls on your cell phone, computer or IP phone in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, etc. This number allows you to receive two calls at a time and allows you to make as many calls as needed. To receive more than two calls at a time, you can add an input channel that will cost 25 euros / month. You can also choose to pay per incoming call 0.015 € / min.

    France number: € 5.56 / month.
    Additional channel: € 25 / month.
    Make calls with French Numro: check our call rates.


    Copy of ID or passport
    Copy of company document, if it is a company
    Address in France: street, number, city, postal code

    NB: If you do not have an address in France, you can hire it on our website or contact us.

    How are calls received?

    1- On your cell phone installing an application such as zoiper or media5fone.
    2- On your computer installing a softphone such as zoiper or x-lite.
    3- Forwa...

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  6. We are satisfied with the services offered by Hivoox

    We are satisfied with the services offered by Hivoox which we find functional and very varied with significant geographic coverage. Hivoox which is perfect for managing our international positions.

    Morgan Equity Investment Advisors Ltd
    United Kingdom...

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  7. On the Internet, affiliate programs and African youth

    affiliate programs in Africa

    The internet has changed the world. So much so that today, it is almost impossible to live without the Internet, especially for young people, who constitute most Internet users in the world. In Africa, where 77% of the population are young people under the age of 35 (according to DW), use of the internet has been essential, however, this precious resource does not always reach everyone. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, only one in five people have access to the Internet, according to a World Bank study.

    Most internet users in Africa are focused on social media. But there are still those who decide to use the Internet in a more enjoyable way, looking for opportunities to earn money.

    The reason why many young Africans seek income opportunities through the Internet centers on the fact that the unemployment rate is increasing dramatically on the continent. However, with the Internet it is possible to perform certain services and guarantee a considerable income. One service...

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  8. Call answering service in French. I can work in all areas, but I prefer internet-based services

    Call answering service in French. I can work in all areas, but I prefer internet-based services.

    Holder of a BTS in commercial management, collaborates in Freelance with Hivoox since 2017. I answer calls in French for companies from all over the world.

    I love reading, music and sport, and I am always available when Hivoox calls on my services. I like working on new projects and learning new things every day.

    Hardworking, and experienced, I am the ideal profile to accompany you in the evolution of your business. If Hivoox has continued to use my services for so many years, it is surely because I am one of the best.

    My skills

    Live call Answering Services
    Personalized Call answering service
    Take messages and notify you by Email
    Warm Call answering
    Transfer calls
    Taking messages and sending by email
    Transfer of calls to landline or mobile
    Reminder of clients for urgent questions

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  9. The potential of VoIP telephony for the international development of Angolan companies

    The Angolan market is opportune. However, even so, it is normal, and even important that Angolan companies have an internationalization project to find new opportunities in foreign markets.

    Internationalization is a process that allows a business to open a space for new knowledge to grow the business globally, meet new competitors and explore new markets. This process requires communication and contact between the company and the new market. For small and large businesses alike, internationalization needs communication, which is essential, but it can generate significant costs, when done wrong.

    Companies cannot eliminate spending on telecommunications services, but they can at least reduce it considerably by taking advantage of existing technologies that allow, in addition to reducing costs, greater quality...

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  10. Zoiper - Softphone to make VoIP calls

    Zoiper is on our recommended list of companies because we have used its products for several years, and they fully meet our expectations.

    To date, thousands of our users have chosen Zoiper on our recommendation, and they are satisfied. Easy to install and configure, Zoiper is compatible with our services and allows our users to use their telephone lines to make and receive calls or send instant messages to themselves, via computer or mobile phone.


    Zoiper is a softphone for businesses and individuals that allows you to make and receive phone or video calls and send, receive instant messages.

    Zoiper 5

    After the Zoiper 3 version, which has delighted its users, the company has just released the Zoiper 5 version, designed to take user opinions into account to facilitate the making and receiving of telephone calls and instant messages.

    The Zoiper is compatible with MS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and IOS

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