I am looking for an address in Switzerland, which could allow me to have a B permit; And for that I need a proof of address, a copy of the landlord's ID and a certificate of accommodation.


We can provide you with an address in Switzerland for any kind of legal use. With our Domiciliation service, you can receive letters, documents, packages ... Letters and documents can be scanned and sent by email. We can also send letters, documents or packages to your current address, at your expense.

However, we cannot provide you with proof of address. Upon request, we can provide you with a domiciliation contract signed by us and a service invoice with this address.

To obtain proof of address, you must contract the domiciliation service and use this address to contract a mobile phone line in Switzerland, and you can use the operator's receipt as proof of address.

 To find out if our service can help you obtain a B license, you should consult the authorities or a specialist in these matters. We cannot provide landlord identification or proof of accommodation.