Good Morning,

I would like to buy, if possible, 2 fixed virtual phone numbers using VOiP:

- a landline number from France
-a Polish landline number

Let us know if you provide:

- a VoIP application on the cell phone to be able to use these two numbers on a single phone (no matter which of the two numbers customers will call, it must ring on the same cell).

- that the number of the outgoing call can be the number of France or Poland and that we can select it through the application.

- We would also need a plan to be able to call unlimited numbers from these numbers to the fixed and mobile numbers of both countries.




Good Morning,

First, I would like to thank you for your question and for your interest in our services.

France fixed number - € 5.56 / month
Poland fixed number - € 5.56 / month

To see the details, write the desired country in the searcher, and choose a DID number.

Use via cell phone.

You can install the Zoiper application to use the service on your cell phone.

Zoiper will allow you to make and receive calls with the 2 phone lines and choose the line that will be used for each call.

Visit our Youtube channel “Hivoox telecom English” to see the complete tutorial.

The tutorial was done with an Android phone, but you can use it to set up your iPhone.

Rates for outgoing calls:

We do not have unlimited calling offers.
You will find our call rates in the second column, at the bottom of this website.
You can also find a calling plan in our website.

Necessary documents:

Copy of your identity document or passport + proof of address.
For a company, you must add a copy of your company document.