I have configured my IP phone, everything is correct, but I have the impression that incoming calls does not work when I am called from Portugal to my Portuguese DID number (+ 35130XXXXXXXX) can you help me?


The inability to receive calls depends on various factors:

1-We have not received the documents indicated on the page of the subscribed number and your number has not been activated. In this case, you simply need to provide us with the requested documents, and we will activate the number.

2-The suspension of your account due to an unpaid invoice. You must pay your bill for the service to be activated.

3-The wrong configuration of the line on your SIP terminal (mobile app, softphone on the computer or your IP phone).

Make the following actions to solve the issue:

Dial *98 from your VoIP phone, softphone or mobile application to listen to your voicemail. If you are not listening the voicemail, please make sure that you have entered your SIP user, SIP password and SIP server address correctly. Use one of our tutorials to configure your sip terminal or ask to help us with the configuration by opening a support ticket via the contact button on our site.

If you are listening to voicemail, make sure the register interval in your sip setting, is more than 30 seconds. The correct registering interval would be 120 to 300 seconds.

If you use a mobile application, such as Zoiper, Grandstream Wave or other, make sure to activate the background operation. Also make sure that the battery saving functions are disabled for the softphone in use.

If after these checks you still do not receive a call, you must open a support ticket via the contact button on this website.