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Email Marketing : in this category you will find several articles on the operation of the Bulk email sending service, but also answers to questions already asked by our users about Bulk email sending and answered by our specialists. If you're looking for an answer about Bulk Email Sending, its resources, configuration guides, a tutorial or other additional information about Bulk Email Sending, you've come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments of the desired service and we will be happy to respond quickly.

  1. How long does it take to activate the smtp server?

    When you hire the SMTP server, you will receive access within 48 hours. Through the web interface, you can follow the instructions to make the campaign.

    1- Create a list of contacts,
    2- Add contacts to your contact list,
    3- Create a campaign,
    4- Create the model you want to send and add it to your campaign,
    5- Do antispam tests.
    6- Schedule the sending of the campaign,
    7- Indicate the list of contacts for the campaign,
    8- Segment your list, if necessary,
    9- Send your campaign,

    Follow the results, through our statistical tool.

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  2. Can I run a campaign with an email list purchased on the internet?

    If you intend to buy email lists on the Internet for campaigns with our smtp servers, we do not recommend it. This is an illegal method and responsible for the blaklisting of multiple SMTP servers. Keep in mind that in the case of blaklisting your server once, we will clean your IP and you will change the domain, but this operation can be done only once.

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  3. Emails not reach the destination

    If you discover that emails do not arrive when you send a campaign, we recommend that you check your contact list and campaign settings. If everything is correct, but it does not work, contact us and we will immediately check your SMTP server.

    This may happen if your IP address or domain is blacklisted It may happen that your emails go to spam and not in the inbox. It is important to know that email providers (mainly free gmail, yahoo ...) can send emails to spam if they detect that you send the same message to several people, especially if some of their contacts declare your email as spam.

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  4. Can I use your smtp server to send bulk emails?

    Our SMTP servers are configured to send hundreds to thousands of emails per hour and millions of emails per day. We work with one server per user and we can guarantee sending power and quality of our smtp service.

    Our service also includes a web interface from which you can prepare, create, send and monitor your email campaign in real time. You can also schedule the sending and receive replies from your potential customers.

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  5. Do the proposed SMTP servers have rotating IPs?

    Yes, all our SMTP servers are configured with up to 8 rotating IPs so you can make your campaign in peace and avoid blacklists. However, if you use the server for spam, we have no way to avoid the blacklist. In this case, we will clean your IP and you will change the domain, but this operation can only be done once. We recommend that you order our SMTP servers only if you send emails to authorized lists.

    We do not accept any type of refund for this service.

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  6. Tools and tips for a successful email campaign

    Nowadays email advertising has become essential in the communication of businesses of all sizes. Small, medium and large businesses interact with their customers and prospects through email campaigns. Email marketing is a term used to describe sending emails to a group of people, to promote a product, service or simply to get a message across. Each target user of an email campaign will receive the information directly in their inbox.

    To set up an emailing campaign, you must:

    Have the smtp Server which allows you to send a large number of emails to a group of recipients.
    Choose the emailing software that allows you to create your email and track the campaign.
    Have a list of email addresses and define the recipients

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