You can use our virtual number service in Spain to receive local calls, even if you reside in Mexico and do not have a residence in Spain. This number allows you to receive 2 calls at a time and make as many calls as you need, using your Spanish Hivoox phone line.

To receive more than 2 calls at a time, you must contact a Hivoox sales representative.

Previous requirements:

Copy of the company registration.
Copy of the identity document or passport of the manager.
An address in Spain: street, number, city, postal code)
If you do not have an address in Spain, you can hire one on our website.

Receiving Calls

1- Your mobile phone by installing an application such as zoiper or media5fone.
2- Your computer installing a softphone such as zoiper or x-lite.
3- Forwarding calls to your current phone number (have additionnal cost)
4- Receive calls on your ip phone or pabx ip.

Key points:

Delivery time: 2/24 hours.
You can receive and make 2 calls at the same time.
Music for calls on hold.
Schedule configuration.
Advanced and customizable voicemail.
Call register
Caller ID
Interface to manage your telephone line ...