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Telemarketing: in this category you will find several articles about our Telemarketing service for companies around the world, but also answers to questions already asked by our users. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments of the Telemarketing service and we will be happy to answer you quickly.

  1. Can I record the calls?

    If you use a Hivoox voip line for your after sales service, you can request the recording of calls and listen to the conversations of your agent. This will allow you to listen to your agent's conversations and make corrections as necessary...

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  2. Can I use my own SIP account to work for telemarketing?

    The SIP account for making or receiving calls depends mainly on your customer. He decides if he wants to use a Hivoox voip line or another company in his campaign. We recommend that you always use a voip Hivoox line to guarantee the quality of the service, the follow-up of your tasks and avoid any conflict with the client....

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  3. Can I work from home?

    Yes, you can make or answer calls from your home or wherever you want. You should only ensure to offer a quality service to our customers to continue being present on our site and available to our users....

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  4. How to become a telemarketer in Hivoox?

    To become a telemarketer on our website, simply register on our site and send us a document that demonstrates your teleoperator activity or a CV, a description of the services offered and their rates. Upon receiving this information, we will post your profile on the site...

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  5. Do you make telesales campaigns?

    Yes, we offer telesales campaigns for companies of all kinds, in different languages. Visit our "Telemarketers" category and you will find hundreds of telemarketers available for your campaigns. If you are looking for a personalized offer, do not hesitate to contact us...

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  6. Do you collaborate with call centers?

    Yes, most of the telemarketing offers on our site come from associated call centers. We work with call centers in France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, United States, India, etc. If you are looking for a call center offer, do not hesitate to contact us and describe your needs...

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  7. Cancel my telesales service and telemarketer

    If you wish to cancel your collaboration with a telemarketer for any reason, simply send us an email and request the cancellation of the service. We will pay the telemarketer for the days worked and the remaining balance will remain in your Hivoox account. You can use this amount to buy other services or request a withdrawal. Please note that the withdrawal will be made through the payment method used to contract the service...

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  8. Call recording to listen your telesales agent conversations

    If you have subscribed our telesales service and use our voip services to make calls, you can request the recording of calls, so that you can listen to the conversations of your agent and correct possible errors. Through the PBS portal of your account, you can listen to conversations, check work schedules, view the call log and pay your bills...

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  9. Sell my products by phone through Hivoox

    It is possible to sell your products by telephone thanks to the help of the telemarketers available in the category Markéting / Telesales. In this category you will find call centers and telemarketing professionals, available to help you increase your sales by making phone calls. For this, you must visit the category, find the desired profile and hire the service. Then we will put you in touch with the desired profile, so you can prepare and launch the campaign. We never intervene in your collaboration with the telemarketer.

    Our function is to ensure that you receive the paid service (commercial calls for sale), the telemarketer compliance with the schedules and the payment of the service to the telemarketer. At any time, you can interrupt your collaboration with a telemarketer and we will reimburse you the remaining amount after having retired the days worked by the telemarketer...

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