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  1. The potential of VoIP telephony for the international development of Angolan companies

    The Angolan market is opportune. However, even so, it is normal, and even important that Angolan companies have an internationalization project to find new opportunities in foreign markets.

    Internationalization is a process that allows a business to open a space for new knowledge to grow the business globally, meet new competitors and explore new markets. This process requires communication and contact between the company and the new market. For small and large businesses alike, internationalization needs communication, which is essential, but it can generate significant costs, when done wrong.

    Companies cannot eliminate spending on telecommunications services, but they can at least reduce it considerably by taking advantage of existing technologies that allow, in addition to

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  2. Use my telephone line from abroad without paying roaming charges

    Use my telephone line from abroad without paying roaming charges

    You have a mission to fulfill abroad for your employer, for your business or you will simply spend a few days on vacation to the Caribbean sun, but you have a landline in your office that will not stop ringing in your absence, and you would like avoid paying astronomical sums using your mobile line in Roaming mode, once abroad.

    How to solve this problem?

    Using the services of a VOIP provider such as Hivoox Telecom is surely one of the easiest solutions in this case. With Hivoox, you will have several options, which will allow you to continue making and receiving your phone calls easily. You can buy a landline number in USA with Hivoox and forward all your calls from the office or mobile to this landline number in Spain. You can also request the portability of

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  3. How to make and receive calls from my Android phone?

    Voip mobile for android

    Whether you are a business or an individual, you may be looking for an IP line, or you already have one and want to use it to make and receive calls via your Android mobile phone.

    In this article, I will try to help you find the right solution to make voip calls with your Android mobile phone. To do this, you must make sure you have a subscribed line with an IP telephony operator. If you do not have a Voip line yet, you can visit the voip telephony category of our website and choose one. However, to answer your concern, I will assume that you have subscribed to the service and that you already have a Hivoox line or another operator.

    The mobile voip application.

    A mobile voip application is a virtual telephone

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  4. In your web page you speak about a sip trunk and I would like to have more information about its operation

    A sip trunk is an IP telephone line that uses the SIP protocol and makes it possible to receive and make telephone calls over the Internet with voip technology.

    A sip trunk allows SIP-based voip telephony operators to connect one or more calls to the customer's switchboard. To receive calls with virtual numbers, the voip operator connects the virtual number to a sip trunk. 

     By using a sip trunk in your telephone system, you will reduce the cost of your monthly telephone bills because you can choose operators according to their cost or unlimited package for specific destinations and make calls at low prices.

    You will reduce the cost to your customers by installing phone numbers from different countries without being physically present, so your customers will always c

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  5. Find here some common errors that may appear on your phone voip, softphone, ipbx, mobile voip, etc.

    Error 400 «Bad Request» indicates that the query was not understood by the server because it has a syntax error.

    Error 401 «Unauthorized » this error indicates that the request requires user authentication. This response is provided by the telephony servers.

    Error 402 «Payment Required»

    Error 403 «Forbidden » this error indicates that the server has understood the request but refuses to do so. You must contact your voip telephony operator.

    Error 404 «Not Found» this error indicates that the server is sure that the user does not exist in the domain specified in the Request-URI.

    Error 405 «Method Not Allowed» this error indicates that the specified

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  6. Discover several definitions in the world of VoIP technology

    VOIP: this acronym stands for Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony; it is a technology that can route voice conversations through the Internet or any other IP network.

    SIP: this acronym stands for Session Initiation Protocol, is a protocol that allows to initiate, modify and close an interactive user session that involves multimedia elements such as video, voice, instant messaging, etc.

    PBX: this acronym means Private Branch Exchange (private telephone switchboard), different from the telephone switchboard of a service provider.

    PABX: this acronym stands for Private Automatic Branch Exchange, (private telephone switchboard), different from the telephone switchboard of a service provider.

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  7. Can you tell me about VOIP service and how does it work?

    The acronym VoIP, which means (Voice Over Internet Protocol), is a technology that allows the transmission of voice or multimedia communications over the Internet (IP). By using Hivoox's telephony services, you are using and enjoying the benefits of VoIP technology and its solutions.

    VoIP operators, such as Hivoox Telecom, have designed IP networks that are completely different from traditional telephone network architectures and offer extraordinary services to users around the world. Thanks to VoIP technology and VoIP operator innovation, users can now enjoy telephone calls without borders, send and receive SMS through the Internet, using the telephone numbers from another country without a roaming cost, etc.

    To make or receive calls with this technology (VOIP), you need a

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  8. Get more information about the T.38 Protocol and the Hivoox e-mail fax service

    The T.38 protocol is the protocol for sending or receiving faxes from an IP network, it was designed in 1998 to allow the transport of FAX over IP networks between existing fax terminals.

    Hivoox uses the T.38 protocol to allow you to receive FAX over the Internet. Included in our virtual switchboard, this protocol allows you to receive your faxes by email in PDF format or other formats. If you have a SIP terminal that supports the T.38 protocol, you can configure your Hivoox SIP line to send or receive faxes.

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  9. What is a VoIP phone or ip phone and how does it work?

    IP Phone

    The IP phone (also called SIP phone, or voip phone) is a phone that allows you to make phone calls via the Internet. It looks like the traditional wired or cordless phone you have in your home or office, but unlike this one that plugs into a line jack from your phone company, the voip phone plugs into a port on your Internet box (router or modem). With the advancement in technology, there are also voip phones that connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

    You will also find Voip telephones in software, called Softphone. The softphone is a virtual phone that you can install on your computer to make and receive calls using a telephony headset. The softphone also exists as an application that you can install on your mobile, to take make and receive calls.

    Once connected to the router

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  10. Can I record my phone calls in Hivoox?

    When you have a business or private phone line, you may find yourself faced with the need to record one, all, or some phone calls. In a business, these records may be needed for verbal contracts with customers, or even for quality control purposes.

    If you are using a Hivoox line, you can request the call recording option to listen to your call conversations. By activating the call recording option, our system will record your phone calls and leave them available in the PBS portal, for you to access.

    To activate this option, you must make a support ticket and request the activation of this service. The cost of call recording depends on the storage space you want to activate. After the activation of the service and the effective recording of the calls, you will see in your

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  11. Can I forward incoming calls to a server IP address, phone number or mobile?

    Call forwarding to IP address

    When you subscribe to the IP telephony service with a voip operator such as Hivoox Telecom and you are a small business or individual, you have the possibility of making and receiving telephone calls with an ip telephone, a computer, a mobile or choose to forward calls to your landline or mobile number.

    If you are a company, and you have your own PABX installed and configured by you, you may need to receive or make calls with Hivoox services from your own voip infrastructure.

    In this case, various solutions are available to you:

    Forward calls to your phone number.

    Via the PBS web interface of your Hivoox account, you can configure call forwarding

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  12. Sip Trunk: Manage CLI calls

    By using our SIP trunk, you can freely manage the CLI (number displayed when you make a call). By default, we configure the CLI with the number subscribed with us or another number of your choice. However, you can administer the CLI directly from your server.

    If you use a sip trunk and want to configure the CLI, just let us know so that your account is configured accordingly. In this case, the configuration of outgoing calls will depend exclusively on your server. We do not provide support to configure your server.

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  13. When I make a phone call with my Hivoox line, which phone number will appear to my correspondents?

    If you have subscribed to the virtual number service with Hivoox, when you make a call with your Hivoox line, your number will be displayed to your correspondents.

    If you have not subscribed to the telephone number, we can use your current telephone number, so that it is displayed to your correspondents. Note that only the telephone number, of which you can prove that you are the holder, can be used in this case. We reserve the right to verify your number before accepting that it appears in your outgoing calls.

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  14. After subscribing to your services, how will I use the services? Will I receive something by email?

    When you subscribe to our voip telephony service, you will receive by email the following information that will allow you to configure your line in the SIP terminal ( ip phone, softphone in your computer, app on your mobile, your PBX. In the email titled "Your Hivoox phone line", you will find the following information:


    Phone number: + 1xxxxxxxxxxx
    SIP password: ri5ajj5b
    SIP Server:

    Audio Codecs: G711u, G711a, G729, PCMU, PCMA, ulaw, alaw
    Sip port: 5060 or 7060
    Voicemail: *98
    Account access: * 77 (Password 777)
    Enable / Disable Call forwarding: *21

    Note: If you can not use port 5060, use port 7060.

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  15. What audio codecs are supported by Hivoox voip services?

    Our IP telephony service is compatible with the G711u, G711A, G729 and G723 audio codecs. However, we recommend using the G711u or G711a if you have an excellent Internet connection and use the G729 if you have low-speed internet. If you are going to use the service on a mobile phone or tablet via 3G, we recommend the G729 for good audio quality.

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