With this tutorial, you can forward calls from your virtual number to other internal or external telephone numbers. After configuring the call forwarding, After configuring call forwarding, you can activate or deactivate call forwarding, using your sip terminal, dialing * 21 and following the instructions. Keep in mind that the call forwarding to external numbers can have an additional cost.

Access to the portal of your telephone line: https://pbs.hivoox.com:8444/

1- Press on CENTREX IP.
2- Then on PHONE LINES.
3- Select the desired sip account ID (8780xxxxxxxx) and click on the configure button.

A new window opens

1- Press again on CENTREX IP
2- On the left click on FORWARDING

Select the forward mode

ORDER - Calls are forwarded according to the position of each destination number.
SIMULTANEOUS - The calls can be forwarded to several numbers and will ring at the same time.
RANDOM - Calls are forwarded randomly to the indicated destination numbers.
Waiting time: Leave the default time or change it if you have another preference.

1- Bottom left click on ADD NEW NUMBER.
2- Activate rule: leave the box checked.
3- Description - Enter your name or the descriptio.
4- Number: Enter the destination number.


Calling Party Display: Leave the default configuration.
Ring for: Leave 15 seconds or change the time according to your needs.
Ring Schedule: You can leave ALWAYS for the forward to be activated permanently or
define the schedules by selecting "Only at the following time interval