Conditions for points of sale

Conditions for points of sale

If you have one or more physical stores selling telecommunications or computer equipment, you can join our point of sale system. In this system there are two ways for you to earn money:

1- You can offer our services to customers who buy IP phones or SIP adapters from you, and earn commissions by subscription or sale. We can train you for the rapid configuration of these devices, so that the customer leaves your store with his phone or adapter ready for use. He can then connect and use his phone to make and receive calls. If you do not wish to make configurations, our team can take care of it via the device's remote control. In this option, we provide the services and you pay them at a reduced cost, after activation and testing of the service by the customer.

2-If you do not sell IP phones, we can then provide you with phones and adapters already configured so that you can sell in your store. In this case, the customer purchases the pack and can use it without any other configuration. In this option, you have to pay for the packs that we will deliver to you, at a reduced cost.

In both cases, you earn a commission for each sale and each time the customer contacts you to recharge their account or renew their telephone subscription. You have no advertising effort to make to sell our products, because we will take care of advertising and directing our customers to your store for the purchase of the products.

About our services

We have been a voip service provider since 2007, and offer our services to users worldwide. With our services, the user can make and receive calls, as if he were in the desired country. For example, he may reside in the United States and have a subscription and telephone number from France to make and receive calls as if he were physically in France.

This service can be used in installing an application in the computer or mobile phone, but in our point of sale system, we favor the use of the IP phone or SIP adapter (ATA). It is 100% compatible with the IP phones you sell in your store.

  • Voip calling plan

    Service allowing the user to make calls with the phone number of his country or another country. He can also use a number from another city in his country.

  • Virtual Phone Number

    Service allowing the user to receive calls with the number of his country or another country. He can use a number from another city to receive the call.

  • Voip package

    Pack with a telephone or sip adapter, to make and receive telephone calls with the number of the chosen country, as if the user were in the country.

You can become our point of sale quickly. To get started, simply fill out the form available on the following link, so that we can study and validate your request.

How does it work ?

You must complete the request form and wait for our response. If your file is accepted, you will receive access to our portal dedicated to points of sale, where you can recharge your account and recharge your customers, or access the information of customers subscribed through your channel. If you have chosen the pack purchase option, you will have access to the list of our packs with reduced prices.

You can then buy these packs and resell them in your store. If a customer from your city orders a pack or any other telephone service from us, he will be redirected to your store to purchase the service or pack.

The activation of the packs or services for the telephone and adapter that you sell will also be done via our portal dedicated to points of sale. For configurations, you can follow our tutorials or request immediate intervention from our support service.

Why choose Us?

You must choose to become our point of sale because we offer you the best commissions and flexible offers, able to adapt to your customers. We are ready to create new services, if the services published on the site do not meet your current needs.

Because we have been present on the VoIP market for several years and have dealt with thousands of customers from different countries and know how to adapt to their needs and remain open to new ideas.

Because our services are easy to configure and use, and we have a technical team available to help customers when they need help. We will provide you with tutorials and documentation to facilitate the understanding of our services and transmit total confidence to your customers.

  • Voip services

    Quality and flexible services. We will adapt our services to the needs of your customers and assist you in setting up services.

  • Technical support

    You will benefit from our technical support by phone or ticket from Monday to Sunday. We will be there whenever you need us.

  • Commissions

    We will be delighted to collaborate with you and to count you among our points of sale. The commissions that we will pay you is for us the means of rewarding you for your contribution to the expansion of our brand.

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