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SMTP Server PRO 46 millions for emailing

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Promote your business with this SMTP Server PRO 46 millions emails per month. We offer a SMTP Server + software hosted on the web to design and send your email campaigns. 


With the SMTP Server PRO 46 millions emails per month, we offer a SMTP Server + software hosted on the web to design and send your email campaigns. You can create as many contact lists as you like, and send segmented campaigns based on your needs. Our system is designed to detect and eliminate duplicates when uploading the contact list.  

To prevent blacklist we set up rotating IP and work tirelessly to improve the deliverability of emails. However, it is highly recommendable to use clean e-mails lists  to reduce the risk of blacklist. 

Our system automatically manages bounces and unsubscribes (invalid email). You can also to withdraw an email address or domain manually. 

Key features of SMTP Server PRO 46 millions emails per month

Access to web-based software for administrators.
The administrator can create multiple users.
Ideal for resale or advertising agencies.
Allows to send up to 65000 emails per hour.
Allows to send up to 46 millions emails per month.
Exclusive ip addresses.

Special conditions of the SMTP server

The user rents the SMTP server service to perform email campaigns. Each user is responsible for email campaigns made through the rented SMTP server, and declares sending emails exclusively to recipients who have accepted to receive such emails. Each SMTP server comes with a domain name chosen by the user.

For the service to work well, it is recommended to use email lists authorized by the recipients and to avoid illegal lists extracted via the web without any authorization. The user is aware that the lists of unauthorized emails or extracted on the web, may contain trap addresses that can quickly put the ip address of the server smtp rented in blacklist. The user agrees to check upon delivery of the server that it is functional and is not included in the blacklist.

In case of blacklist of the server smtp, because of the use made of the service by the user, our team will do the necessary to eliminate the server of the blacklist. However, this procedure can last between 24 and 96 hours and can not be performed more than once in a period of 2 months. The user is the only person responsible for problems caused by his use of the service including in case of blacklist.

Validity and unsubscription

The SMTP server service lasts 30 days and is automatically renewed each month. If you subscribe 01, your next billing would be the 01 of the next month. To unsubscribe, just send us an email and request the removal of the service. Note that your request must be made before the billing date and you must not have unpaid invoices.

Cancellation of order and refund

Since we work with a server per user, since our delivery time is 24/72 hours, and since we are committing time and financial means to set up the SMTP server very quickly, it is possible to cancel your order until 24 hours after payment. After this period, no refund is possible. We will not make any exception to this rule. To avoid any incident, we advise you to order the smallest offer to test the quality of our service, before migrating to a larger offer.

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  1. 80%
    I use it and it works well.

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    I use it and it works well.
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